K.I.S.S. and Focus on What's Right in 2019!

Start 2019 on a positive note!

Start 2019 on a positive note!

As the year draws to a close, it’s common to look ahead and make resolutions to ‘improve’ yourself. These promises can make us feel good when made, but leave us defeated the moment our mind and emotions sway us to do just the opposite.

I’ve been through this crazy cycle more times than I care to count. Which is why I encourage you to reflect on what you did WELL in 2018.

Your answer can be as simple as “I drank more water than soda each day and it made me feel better.” This is success talking. Compare that to “I promised that I would only drink water and I couldn’t even do that for one day”. This is defeat talking.

Our words and thoughts set the tone for our actions. Trust me, shifting your focus from negative to the positive will set a healthy foundation for growth and sustainability in 2019.

You can start by listing the choices and actions that made you feel happy and healthier in 2018. Now what do you need to do to build upon that success and sustain your actions in 2019?

For this question I like to use the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sister) principle. Perhaps avoiding certain aisles in the grocery store will keep soda out of your shopping cart, your car, your house and your body. Yes, you may crave that dose of sugar and caffeine when you realize it’s not readily available, but this becomes an opportunity to build upon your WELLNESS goal to drink more water. Too simple to be effective? Not!

Do you notice how instead of starting over with huge resolution(s), we can simply focus on what is already good while we continue to make SIMPLE choices that move use closer to our WELLNESS goals? The success you have along the way will help you sustain your healthier choices!

With that… Cheers to the New Year and simple, sustainable changes. You got this!