Connect and Love Yourself

February … the month associated with hearts and love!  We’re encouraged to send tokens of love and heartfelt messages to those we hold most dear.  So I ask … when was the last time you did the same for yourself?  

Taking oneself for granted is human nature.  We assume that our physical body will do exactly what is needed to keep us alive and get us where we want to go.  If you’re like most folks, you selectively process the 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts generated in your mind each day.  And most of us are unaware of the various emotions that arise and influence our attitude and outlook throughout the day.  

This disconnect from ourself to ourself can lead to pain and suffering.  We miss the subtle messages that our body sends 24/7 letting us know whether we’re balanced and well.  

So how does this relate to the month of hearts and love?  

You can begin to reconnect to yourself by taking a few moments throughout the day and notice the beating of your heart.  Can you feel the actual beat?  Can you hear a healthy rhythmic beat?  Can you image your blood flowing unimpeded throughout your body, nourishing each and every cell?  Can you sense what love for yourself feels like?

When we consciously listen to our body as a Sensation Scientist, we discover how complex and marvelous we truly are.  

In this spirit I encourage you to take a moment and give yourself the gift of love.  When we love ourself just as we are, we create a field of resonance that positively impacts those close to us and beyond.  And this is the best gift we can give to one another, this month and always.

Cathy Keith