“Move more, sit less!” Studies show just 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous movement each day can improve cardiovascular health and mental clarity, increase happiness, and prevent eight types of cancer. And movement does not mean you have to ‘sweat it out’ in a gym. Walking at a pace where you can carry on a conversation is a simple way to begin this healthy habit. When you’re ready consider adding other activities that address flexibility and strength, and bring you joy and pleasure. Your body will thank you!

My personal movement practice includes brisk walks, strength training for bone health, yoga for balance and flexibility, and Nia. I invite you to join me!

Nia Movement Classes with Cathy Keith

NIA: Through Movement We Find Health

Nia is a holistic fitness practice based on the intelligent design of the body. Each workout brings mindfulness to your movement experience leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

Nia is a low-impact cardio-dance workout that combines 52 simple moves with the essence of various dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Nia is adaptable to individual needs and abilities and often practiced with bare feet. For additional information visit

Current Class Offerings (Asheville, NC):

Wednesday 12:15P YWCA of Asheville - 185 S. French Broad Avenue

Saturday 9:15A YWCA of Asheville - 185 S. French Broad Avenue

No experience is necessary.

$10 Drop-in fee payable to the YWCA of Asheville (fee allows you to use the facility for the entire day!)

My Nia journey began in January 2013 as a way to heal from a back injury that 6 months earlier left me without feeling from my right hip to my toes. I relied on a cane for balance and I was afraid of moving too much. Nia taught me how to be in conversation with my body as a ‘Conscious Personal Trainer’. I learned how to notice physical sensations, adjust as needed to honor my body’s way, as well as invite play, joy and pleasure to my dance and to my life.

Nia is the movement modality that continues to heal me at all levels — body, mind, emotions and spirit. And I’ve witnessed the same in others. I invite you to try this easeful and fun healing modality yourself.

Large Nia low impact cardio exercise class in Asheville, NC which combines 52 simple moves with dance, martial arts and healing to get you fit in 60 minutes.

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