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It's time to transform your life!  Whether you have been diagnosed with a medical condition or are looking to change a lifelong habit, individual consults are a chance to discuss and prioritize your health concerns in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.  Consults are customized and focused on getting you to where you want to be.

Documents and information disclosed during an appointment are managed and securely maintained via an online HIPAA-compliant electronic health record. Clients can access their confidential information 24/7. If desired, session notes can be securely faxed to medical professionals identified by you.

The fundamentals

The fields of nutrition science, health and wellness are fluid and ever changing. However there are some fundamentals that stand the test of time. Our food choices, how often we move, the way that we manage stress and relax, our sleep habits and ability to protect ourselves from toxins, as well as our connections to self and others are key aspects of optimal health.

I believe these fundamentals are key to your success. Each is addressed in the initial session and woven throughout your journey. The extent to which they are emphasized or prioritized is determined by you. They are all important for optimal health.

Health and Wellness Coach - Asheville NC


Studies show that sitting is the new smoking! Moving 30 minutes each day at a moderate to vigorous pace can quickly improve overall health. If desired, we can incorporate movement into your coaching session. Let’s put on our walking shoes and move!

Health and Wellness Coach - Asheville NC


How we connect with ourself, our environment, and others is an important indicator of optimal health. Social isolation is a growing issue given the increased reliance on electronics versus face-to-face interaction. Many of us are disconnected from nature due to an inability or reluctance to be outdoors. We are social creatures. Studies show that the lack of human touch, the direct connection with nature and with others negatively impacts cardiovascular and mental health.

Together we will explore how you connect with yourself and the world so you can live your most vibrant life.

Health and Wellness Coach - Asheville NC


Listen to your body and use your breath to minimize the damaging affect of stress. Quieting the mind with a mindfulness practice — prayer, guided imagery, meditation — improves overall health by lowering the ‘fight or flight’ hormones. Together we can explore and practice techniques that feel comfortable for you.

Health and Wellness Coach - Asheville NC


Our body is bombarded by internal and external toxins each and every day. Pollution, plastics and coated food containers, cosmetics and personal care products, herbicides and pesticides, food additives, GMO’s, over-the-counter medications, supplements, electronic magnetic field (EMF) waves, our thoughts … the list goes on and on! We will identify your daily exposures and discuss how you can minimize them though conscious practices and choice.

Health and Wellness Coach - Asheville NC


Across the spectrum everyone agrees that eating foods rich in color, flavor, and variety is key to optimal health. Your daily intake should emphasize vegetables and whole fruits, heart-healthy fats, herbs and spices. Depending on your needs non-GMO whole grains, nuts, seeds, wild caught fish, free range poultry and eggs, grass fed meat, and hormone-free dairy may be appropriate. Moderation is key and all nutrients are important.

Together we will develop a personalized nutrition plan that addresses your immediate needs and can be modified as your health improves.

Health and Wellness Coach - Asheville NC


Sleep is a necessary restorative process. Just like a washing machine has different cycles to clean our clothes, sleep has different cycles to clean our body and brain. It is the time when toxins, old neurons and dead cells are ‘washed and rinsed’ away to reduce inflammation. On average, eight hours of restful sleep is needed for this to occur.

As part of the coaching process we will discuss your sleep habits and beliefs, and determine how you can adjust to get the most out of this important process.

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