Refund Policy

Any education program purchase from NutriMoves & More, LLC is subject to this refund policy and by making such purchase from NutriMoves & More, LLC you agree to be bound by this refund policy.

NutriMoves & More, LLC is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of North Carolina. Any disputes arising regarding intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks, shall be governed by the laws of the state of North Carolina. If disputes cannot be resolved, then they shall be heard by an arbitrator in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Arbitration shall be binding and shall be heard by an arbitrator approved by the American Arbitration Association.

Refund Policy

Participants who register for any of NutriMoves & More’s education programs have 24 hours from the time of payment to cancel and receive a refund. If you do want a refund within 24 hours, contact us via email at to request your refund. We will process your refund as soon as reasonably possible.

After 24 hours from the time of receipt of payment, the payment will become a non-refundable credit that the participant can use one time towards any future NutriMoves & More education program. The payment is non-transferable unless NutriMoves & More gives its express, written consent, in its sole discretion, for any amount of credit to be transferred to another party. If you are unable to attend a specific program session, you must notify NutriMoves & More at least 24 hours in advance, in writing, of your unavailability, and NutriMoves & More, may, in its sole discretion, approve the attendance of your representative to that specific program.

 This policy does not apply to individual or group nutrition coaching or counseling sessions or movement classes.